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Growing up the sons of small business owners in a small town, my brother and I watched as our hardworking parents tried to compete with large corporations and “big box” stores. We have witnessed the homogenization of America and realized it is the small entrepreneurs that help cities and towns maintain their individualization and unique character, separating one from the next.

We have also seen first-hand the struggle that local charities and non-profits endure in order to keep doing the good grass roots work that impacts people in their own communities. Federal, state and local tax dollars that support these efforts are constantly shrinking making it increasingly more important for them to raise dollars through intensive fund-raising campaigns and events that can actually cost money and take many hours to prepare for, hours that could otherwise be spent doing the work they were designed to do.

As small business owners and local charities and non-profits struggle to compete in an ever more complex society, they need a simple, effective way for people to support them.

Introducing Hometown Giving: Hometown Giving is an online community changing the way people support their local businesses, charities and non-profits, all while staying in touch with family, friends and their hometowns.

Hometown Giving helps local charities and non-profits by providing them a free, central location for donations. Therefore, making it much easier for donors to find and support these local causes.

Hometown Giving supports local businesses by providing an inexpensive, one-stop shopping location for the purchase of gift certificates to their shops, restaurants or services.

It helps families and friends stay connected to one another and their communities regardless of the distance between them. At anytime, anywhere, anyone can give donations to their favorite hometown causes or gifts to friends and relatives to let them know they care and to stay in touch.

At Hometown Giving, you won’t need to know exactly what to buy your friends and relatives. When they receive your email saying you’ve given them a gift from Hometown Giving, they get to make the choice of how they’d like to use it. They can select from any number of local businesses to use their gift or pass some or all of it on to support a local charity or non-profit organization. There’s no travel time to stores, no traffic, no gas, no hours of looking for just the right gift, no postage or shipping costs! It’s so easy! In essence you are giving them just what they want or need every time!

It’s all so simple. You are already just a few clicks away from helping out your Hometown and keeping in touch with the ones you love!

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