Hometown Giving FAQ

Do I have to create an account or password?

No. Your unique ID is your email address. If you click the active link within the email sent to your email address, you can access your account.
If you wish to create an account and password for convenience, you may, but it is not required.
You can always access credits that you've received through the link we sent to your email.

Can I use my Hometown Giving credit to donate to a charity?

Yes. Gift credits can be used to purchase gift certificates or as a donation to charity, or a combination of both.

Do I have to redeem all my gift credits on one gift certificate?

No. You may use your credits to purchase any denomination of any certificate you choose.

Do I have to print my gift certificate to redeem it?

Yes. Printing your gift certificate is necessary to use it at a local business.

Is my donation to charity tax deductible?

Yes. Charities are required to keep track of donations. The unique 501c3 tax ID is listed for each eligible charity.

Do I have to pay when I sign up my business?

Yes. Payment is required at the time of registration to be listed on the website.

Can I buy gift certificates for myself?

Yes. You can use your credits on gift certificates in your name, or the name of somebody else.

Do gift credits expire?

No. At this time, the Hometown Giving credits will stay in your account until they are used.
Printable gift certificates for specific businesses expire five years after they are issued.

Can I send credits anonymously?

Yes. If you want to use your credit toward a charity but prefer to remain anonymous, you have this option.
Hometown Giving will pass on the donation to the charity without your name attached, if you wish.

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